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A place where we share space, knowledge and ideas
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About us

BIZkoshnica is a new coworking address in Zagreb, located on British square (Britanski Trg), where we share space, knowledge and ideas, designed for all the creative entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and professionals from various fields.

It is a platform where you can develop business ventures and projects, meet your clients and customers as well as make successful partnerships. Our community is made up of an interesting crew. They are creators, leaders, innovators that make changes, they are independent in realizing their ideas and they do not fear challenges.



Coworking is a contemporary style of work based on networking where various professionals share a common workspace. Unlike in a typical office environment, coworkers are independent but they can also collaborate.

BIZkoshnica provides a modern, spacious and comfortable environment for its members with all the necessary office and communication infrastructure.



We are entrepreneurial and freelance enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience within BIZkoshnica community.

Our wish is to spread a positive spirit of entrepreneurship and an economy of sharing as well as to provide support through education and consulting on project development and entrepreneurial skills and competences with the intention to develop innovative and successful entrepreneurial stories and projects.

Join BIZkoshnica in creating the future of work.


04.05.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

[STORIES FROM BIZKOSHNICA - introducing our coworker Margita]

Margita Soldo is the owner of Linguistified Ltd (, a company she founded with a view to providing language services, both translation and education related. The company is a continuation of her sole proprietorship where she had worked as a translator and court interpreter for English and Italian language. Not only is translation giving her an opportunity to use a foreign language on a regular basis, but it also gives her access to detailed knowledge from diverse areas, which is often a source of inspiration for language related ideas. Foreign languages and linguistics are Margita's passion and she is always trying to find interesting methods of language learning, which would simultaneously contribute to the development and acquisition of other competences and types of knowledge. In June 2015, this native of Split founded a language school in Supetar, island of Brač ( where language courses (English, German, French, Italian) are held throughout the school year.  During summer, the focus is placed on Croatian language courses for Speakers of Other Languages with Linguistified's Hello Croatian project ( The course combines learning in a traditional classroom (classwork) with field lessons (fieldwork), where interesting island workshops and active usage of the language provide for the maximum of the language learning process in a country where that language is the first language. With her collaborators, Margita is currently designing a series of language workshops for a new project Linguaonica – jezična radionica (Linguaonica - language workshop) ( that is to be implemented this autumn onwards in Zagreb. 

25.04.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

[STORIES FROM BIZKOSHNICA - introducing our coworker Petra]

Petra Ban is the founder of Natural Croatia Adventure Travel. As a nature and adventure lover herself, Petra had been planning for years to start a tourist agency that would provide its users with precisely what she wanted on her vacation – nature activities! Natural Croatia is a tourist agency that focuses on people who want to spend their vacation far from conventional hotels and beaches, with a lot of nature, lesser degree of comfort, little mobile reception, but with a lot of adrenaline, joy and numerous experiences to remember and share with friends upon returning home. At the moment, the services include one-day and multi-day trips that cover hiking, cycling and sport climbing.


30.03.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

ENTREPRENEURSHIP LAB #1 with Kresimir Dvorski (NEXTBIKE Croatia)

Zagreb, 31 March 2016. Yesterday the BIZkoshnica Coworking hosted the first Entrepreneurship lab with entrepreneur guest Kresimir Dvorski, Managing Partner in Nextbike Croatia.

Entrepreneurship lab is an event in which the participants of the "Build Your Future" project have a chance to meet the successful entrepreneur and hear his story. "Build Your Future" is an European project with the central aim of strengthening entrepreneurial skills among young people in the direction of social entrepreneurship. At the heart of the project is an entrepreneurial program that is specifically designed to empower young people aged 18-29 years. The project helps the participants to develop entrepreneurial thinking, preparing them for employment, self-employment and / or further education.

At the first Entrepreneurship lab Kresimir Dvorski, cofounder of Nextbike Croatia, shared his entrepreneurial story in very sincere and inspiring way. He stressed out the importance of an entrepreneurial way and total dedication of business owner and the fact that in developing any business venture, the first three years are most important. They affect the stability, the creation of high-quality and long-term relationships with partners and they determine the future and the strength of the business. Many ups and downs are part of the learning process and a necessary element in the development of a stable company.

03.02.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb


Last Wednesday (03. February) in BIZkoshnica was very dynamic and joyful as it hosted Passion & Talent workshop for members of International Women’s Club Zagreb and members of BIZkoshnica.

The organizers of the workshop were Tina Lee Odinsky Zec, Masha Mazgan and Mirela Marović Omerzu, who guided discussions about passions and talents that we have. There was also an exhibition of objects representing the members’ passion or talent, a brainstorming session and some new friendships and contacts were made. Check out our photo gallery to see more.

Photo credit: Sandra Huskic Photography

16.01. - 17.04.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

Module 2 of the European project for young people “Build your future” successfully completed

Last weekend in BIZkoshnica was very creative. The name of the second module of the European project for young people “Build your future” was The Development of ideas. Participants were presented with some of the most commonly used creative techniques, such as brainstorming, making mental maps and others and we helped them develop their ideas and tried to find solutions to various social problems. In these 2 days we generated around twenty potential entrepreneurial ideas and we hope that some of them will turn into a real business opportunity. We are looking forward to seeing what the third module will bring us.

Photo credit: Sandra Huskic Photography



BIZkoshnica is a modern and inspiring 200 m² area located in Ilica with a view to British square (Britanski Trg).
It’s in the very center of Zagreb, which makes it even more attractive while the space itself is designed in a way that preserves the original architecture heritage combining it with a contemporary design solutions.

The space is organized in a number of different units, which meet all operational requirements, from self-employment and meetings to presentations and workshops, for smaller or larger groups. Members can choose their fixed or flexible workplace on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Tlocrt prostora
  • 3 open space zones / 35 working positions (fixed or flexible)
  • meeting room (10-12 people)
  • lounge area for work and socializing
  • event zone (up to 50 people)
  • virtual office
  • phone area
  • reception

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To make your work as easy as possible, we’ve prepared promotional packages for the opening season services.
Choose the one that best suits management of your business!


1 day at BIZkoshnica  

Mon – Fri: 9 – 17 h
Flexible workplace
access to BIZkoshnica benefits and common areas



Virtual office service  

Business address and mail handling
BIZday (1 day at BIZkoshnica)
Discount on other BIZkoshnica services


BIZ Busybee


Mon – Fri: 9 – 17 h
Flexible workplace at
10 days use of membership benefits
(VirtualBee, 4h/month use of meeting room, 20% discount on all the classes, events and other BIZkoshnica services)


BIZ Superbusybee


Mon – Fri: 9 – 17 h
Fixed workplace at
One month of membership benefits
(VirtualBee, 8h/month use of meeting room, 30% discount on all the classes, events and other BIZkoshnica services)


BIZkoshnica Club

Annual membership  

Free admission to all BIZkoshnica events
Free 5 BIZdays or 5 x 2h of BIZMeeting/annually
25% discount on BIZMeeting or BIZEvent
Introduction to the BIZkoshnica community (web, fb, events)
Logo on BIZkoshnica website


All prices include VAT.   All BIZkoshnica members have access to (free of charge):

  • fast wireless Internet connection
  • printing, scanning and copying
  • tea and coffee-making facilities
  • lockers to store belongings

Rental spaces

Use the BIZkoshnica space for your business meetings, classes, socialization with business partners, clients and your team.


Meeting room rental  

Mon – Fri: 9 – 17 h
25 m² / 12 people


KN / H **


KN / H **


Hall rental  

Mon – Fri: 9 – 17 h
45 m² / 40 people


KN / H **


KN / H **

* weekends and after hours price is increased by 20%
** prices include VAT


The service includes:

  • reception
  • lounge area
  • fast Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • air-conditioned space
  • projector and flipchart use
  • printing, scanning, copying
  • possibility of borrowing a computer
  • catering service

Empower your inner entrepreneur


Coworking as a style of work of future is rapidly developing and expanding as it allows people to connect, collaborate and be more productive and satisfied with their work, which leads to faster realization of ideas into projects and ultimately success.

  • Work in an inspirational environment in company of other professionals
  • Expand your business contacts network and create the community of successful entrepreneurs with us
  • Reduce the sense of isolation caused by working from home, coffee shop or other public space
  • Use the opportunity of cooperating on projects with like-minded members of community
  • Work in a spacious and modernly designed office
  • Ensure yourself a greater mobility and flexibility without long-term leases
  • Get inspired by new ideas from different industries and professions, which cannot be found everywhere
  • Increase the odds of finding your perfect business – or even personal –opportunity


Our members like to hang out. And we like to introduce entrepreneurs and freelancers to potential partners and investors, as well as share experiences and stories, learn from each other and cooperate. We want to create a community of successful and satisfied professionals whose mutual synergy will get them better business results. Let’s use the advantage of various talents in order to inspire and help each other in solving our business challenges.

We organize different types of events that can be a great way to learn something new, to expand your network or simply serve you as a business motivation. Of course, all members of BIZkoshnica can organize their own custom-tailored events as well.


BIZkoshnica is much more than just networking and a coworking space – our team of experts listens to the needs of our members and helps them in their entrepreneurial journey.

We offer you:

  • business consulting in legal, financial and accounting matters
  • elaboration of business strategies, feasibility studies and business plans
  • elaboration of marketing, communications and branding strategies
  • classes and practical workshops
  • development and realization of projects funded by the EU and national funds
  • project management in the framework of goals, deadlines and budget
  • mentoring
22. - 24.09.2016. @Belgrade, Serbia


The event will gather nearly 100 hub organisations from across Europe. The rich program will also host lectures from some of the leading educational organisations from the field of creativity - Fabrica from Italy and Hyper Island from Sweden. The international forum How Work Works is part of the European Creative Hubs Network project initiated by the British Council, in which Nova Iskra participates together with partners from Greece (Bios), Spain (Factoria Cultural), Germany (betahaus), the United Kingdom (Creative Edinburgh), Belgium (EBN) and Portugal (ADDICT). More than 150 delegates, hub leaders and a number of European and regional stakeholders will come together in Belgrade, during the first of three planned fora, in order to map the European eco-system of hubs active in the fields of culture and creativity, education, and entrepreneurship, and support their networking, knowledge exchange and capacity building.

11.05.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

ENTREPRENEURSHIP LAB #2 with Luka Abrus (Five Minutes)

BIZkoshnica will host Luka Abrus, Director and Co-owner of Five minutes and Co-owner ShoutEm at Entrepreneurship Lab #2. Luka represents one of the leading and fastest growing Croatian IT companies to develop mobile applications and solutions for all mobile platforms and he will talk about his experience working for Microsoft, as well as the practical entrepreneurial experience since he started his own business.

The aim of Entrepreneurship Lab is entrepreneurial inspiration through positive and negative experiences that guest entrepreneur shares, acquiring knowledge and new skills, connections and encouraging cooperation. The event, in addition to Build Your Future program participants is intended to a wider audience; start ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, people who are thinking of starting their own business or are simply interested in networking and exchanging ideas.

Join us on Wednesday, 11.05. at 18h in BIZkoshnica Coworking space. Due to the limited number of places, please send your application on time:

02.05.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

BIZyoga - morning yoga is a great way to start your day!

BIZyoga helps you to release stress and tension, increase concentration, refresh and gather strength for easier carrying out of daily duties. BIZyoga gives you the ability to reset, get more energy, find inspiration and be more successful in your job! Morning BIZyoga classes were created to meet the needs of busy professionals. 

Start your working day with BIZyoga, every Monday and Thursday 7:15-8:30h at BIZkoshnica – refresh yourself, sharpen your mind and fill yourself with good energy.

30.03.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

ENTREPRENEURSHIP LAB #1 with Kresimir Dvorski (NEXTBIKE Croatia)

Entrepreneurship lab is an event where the participants of the project Build Your Future and other participants have a chance to meet a successful local entrepreneur. After the lecture and entrepreneurs’ presentation participants in multidisciplinary teams solve a case study and apply the knowledge and experience gained during the modules.

The aim of these meetings is entrepreneurial inspiration through positive and negative experiences of guest entrepreneur, acquiring new knowledge and skills, linking students with the potential employers and networking. The event is in addition to participants of Build Your Future program intended to a wider audience; young entrepreneurs, freelancers, people who are thinking of starting their own business or are simply interested in networking and exchanging ideas.

March 30th, 2016 from 18 to 20h – Kresimir Dvorski, Managing Partner at Nextbike Croatia will tell us his entrepreneurial story and try to motivate the participants by his example to start their own businesses. Admission is free, but registration is necessary by e - mail : due to limited number of places.

20. - 21.02.2016. @BIZkoshnica Coworking, Ilica 71, Zagreb

Build Your Future - Module 3 - Marketing

In Module 3 we will look at how to develop a business concept and think of your idea in relation to key components of markets. Marketing fundamentals include a basic understanding of markets of customers and key industry players like competitors and potential partners. The marketing 5P’s of product, price, place, promotion and people also commonly known as the marketing mix will be reviewed. You will learn about market research, how to establish a marketing strategy and develop effective promotion and sales techniques. Also, the Business Model Canvas will be introduced as an effective tool to further develop your (social) business concept.

There is no opportunity if “it”, the product, service or experience is not valued by a customer. Module 3 will focus on staying close to the customer and/or beneficiary to create desired benefits and be able to deliver better than the competition or other alternatives.


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