We encourage entrepreneurial way of thinking

A place where we share space, knowledge and ideas, intended for every creative entrepreneur, startup, freelancer and professional in various working fields.

About us

BIZkoshnica is a new coworking address in Zagreb, located on British square (Britanski Trg), where we share space, knowledge and ideas, designed for all the creative entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and professionals from various fields.

It is a platform where you can develop business ventures and projects, meet your clients and customers as well as make successful partnerships. Our community is made up of an interesting crew. They are creators, leaders, innovators that make changes, they are independent in realizing their ideas and they do not fear challenges.

Our mission

We are entrepreneurial and freelance enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience within BIZkoshnica community.

Our wish is to spread a positive spirit of entrepreneurship and an economy of sharing as well as to provide support through education and consulting on project development and entrepreneurial skills and competences with the intention to develop innovative and successful entrepreneurial stories and projects.

Join BIZkoshnica in creating the future of work.


Become a part of BIZkoshnica community and participate in creating a better-working future!


Coworking is a contemporary style of work based on networking where various professionals share a common workspace. Unlike in a typical office environment, coworkers are independent but they can also collaborate.

BIZkoshnica provides a modern, spacious and comfortable environment for its members with all the necessary office and communication infrastructure.

Happenings in BIZkoshnica

Creative education association carries out:

  • gathering people working in the field of entrepreneurship promotion and learning for entrepreneurship as well as exploring creative education and lifelong learning
  • preparing and organizing conferences, lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, congresses, forums and other gatherings in the area of activity of the Association and participating in the activities of its members in scientific, cultural, educational and artistic events such as events, concerts, creative and pedagogical workshops, consultations, expert meetings, etc.
  • making and proposing projects and programs in the associations area of activity to the competent bodies
  • the development and implementation of a lifelong learning program
  • issuing books and other publications in the area of their activity in accordance with special regulations
  • education and information of educational institutions, other institutions and service providers on various projects and programs that are useful to them
  • participation in domestic and international conferences, seminars, etc., related to the goals and activities of the association
  • organizing cultural-artistic and entertainment events and other events for members of the association for the purpose of mutual interaction
  • establishment and development of cooperation with related organizations as well as other legal and natural persons having similar programs in Croatia and abroad
BIZkoschnica Coworking
Ilica 71, 10000 Zagreb
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