Coworking, as a way of working for the future is rapidly expanding because it allows people to connect, collaborate, be more productive and happy with their progress, and eventually bringing their ideas faster to life as well as achieving success.


  • Work in an inspirational environment in the company of other professionals
  • Expand your network of business contacts and create a community of successful entrepreneurs with us
  • Reduce the feeling of work isolation from home, cafes or other public spaces
  • Reduce office, web, printing, and copy costs
  • Use the opportunity to collaborate on joint projects with community members
  • Work in a spacious and pleasantly decorated business space
  • Provide greater mobility and flexibility without long term lease
  • Get inspired by new ideas from different industries and professions less accessible to you
  • Increase the likelihood of a good business, as well as a personal click ūüôā



Let’s use advantage of the various talents and expertise of members to inspire each other and help solve our own business challenges.
We organize different types of events, as an opportunity for learning, networking or simply for business motivation. Of course, all members of BIZkoshnica can organize their own events under special conditions.
Our members love to hang out. And we like to acquaint entrepreneurs and freelancers with potential partners and investors, as well as sharing experiences and stories, learning from each other and cooperating.

We create a community of successful and satisfied professionals, who will share synergy with better business results..



BIZkoshnica is a lot more than just coworking space and connecting – our team listens to its members’ needs and helps them on their entrepreneurial path.

We offer:

  • business counceling on legal, financial and accounting issues
  • making business strategies, investment studies and business plans
  • designing marketing, communication and branding strategies
  • classes and practical workshops
  • development and implementation of EU and national funding projects
  • project management within the set goals, deadlines and budgets
  • mentoring
Event space

Event space

Organize your next event in the most beautiful boutique coworking office in the city.

Here you can hold an educational workshop for your employees, hang out with business partners and a glass of wine or organize press conference for your clients.


You can also organize an exhibition of your photographs or a fashion show.  Hold a business meeting or a presentation for a smaller group of people.

We will arrange space according to your needs; type of event, way of work and a number of people, every day, both weekday or weekend.

BIZevent space of sitting capacity of up to 50 people or BIZmeeting of up to 15 people, stand at your service.

BIZkoshnica is a modern and inspirationaly designed coworking space, located in Ilica overlooking the British Square (Britanski Trg). It’s a cozy atmosphere that makes working and learning pleasant.

BIZkoshnica Coworking
Ilica 71, 10000 Zagreb

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