At the workshop ‘Mindfulness WORKS’ together we will explore and discover our inner potential that helps us return to our natural balance. Also we will talk about social relationships and the role they have in our emotional states. We will learn how to be aware and connect with our emotions.

Mindfulness approach in life can bring more peace and stability, even in times like these, and create good foundation for creative energy in work.

When we are mindful, we experience our life as we live it. We experience the world directly through our five senses. We taste the food we are eating. We smell the air we are breathing. We recognize the thoughts we are having. In doing so, we learn how our minds work and we are better able to label the thoughts and feelings we are having instead of allowing them to overpower us and dictate our behaviour.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

  • It can improve well-being.
  • It can improve physical health.
  • It can improve mental health.

At the workshops we will go through:

  • How to deal with stressful situations?
  • How to be more mindful?
  • How to communicate better our feelings?
  • How to use inner wisdom for support and guidance?

Workshop facilitator – Saša Borovnjak

co-founder, president and educational expert of Life potential, organisation for creative solutions in the field of personal and professional development.

Saša is main educator and psychotherapist that conducts workshops of personal and professional development based on NLP, coaching, mindfulness and gestalt psychotherapy methods.

Workshop host – Mirela Marovic Omerzu – Founder of BIZkoshnica Coworking

Workshop host – Tania Santos – Founder of CRU Cowork

The workshops will take place in the online format on Wednesday 02/12 and Wednesday 09/12/2020 from 6 – 7.30 pm CET

Workshop is designed as a part of CREATIVE FLIP ECHN p2p exchange for the participants from CRU Cowork and BIZkoshnica Coworking communities.